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ROME. A computer virus campaign invests Italy in the hours when the Immuni app is about to be made available. This was announced by Agid-Cert, the government structure that deals with cybersecurity. The virus is called FuckUnicorn and spreads a ransomware (virus that takes devices hostage and then asks for a ransom) under the pretext of downloading a file called Immuni. It spreads with an email inviting you to click on a bogus website that imitates that of Fofi, the Federation of Italian Pharmacists’ Orders.

In this climate, the app will make its debut this afternoon on the smartphones of millions of Italians. Even if some Forza Italia politicians report that they are already under “observation” of the App, downloaded independently from their Android system, the gong will ring after lunch in the four regions that lend themselves to experimenting it in the initial phase: Liguria, Marche, Abruzzo and Puglia.

It is the governor Michele Emiliano to explain the rationale, when he says ┬źnow we must understand how to immediately quarantine any infected people and their close contacts. The Immuni app serves this purpose. If someone arrives in Puglia we could ask him for the courtesy, not the obligation, to report his presence and keep track of the contacts “.

Immuni, the tracking app for Covid-19: how it will work between privacy and possible calculation errors

In short, what is this App for? To the state that can also do prevention, to say it with Vittorio Colao: “I get a problem first, it makes health care less expensive and allows another to be cured”.

And how does this technology work? In the latest documents published by the developers, it is explained that the decentralized model of Google and Apple will follow: the data collected will be stored on individual devices and not on a central server; it will not track movements, but only proximity contacts between smartphones; it will not be mandatory to download it or use it; the collected data can be shared only with the authorization of the smartphone owner; all data collected and shared with the central server (managed by Sogei), must be deleted by December 2020.

Coronavirus, Conte on App Immuni: “It will not allow to trace the user’s identity”

But the controversy over the alleged invasiveness of this App is still very heated and affects the aspect of privacy as obvious, dividing the country between for and against.

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