airing his shocked photo of Me and You. “But are you crazy?”


Pierluigi Diaco, “low blow” to the conductor: his shocked photo airs Me and you. Are you crazy?». Today, guest of the face to face Vladimir Luxuria, longtime friend of Diaco. During the interview, the two mentioned several times the “old days”, then the unexpected unscheduled.Read also> Vladimir Luxuria to You and Me: «I don’t have a partner, I was traumatized by a man». Diaco reacts like this

Vladimir Luxuria burst out laughing looking in the LED behind the conductor, at which point he turns and exclaims: «Are you crazy?». On the monitor, an amarcord photo that portrays Vladimir Luxuria and a young Diaco together with the Assassin Cow, an LGBT event in a well-known Roman venue.

I keep these old photos with affection – explains Vladimir – look how cute you were». Diaco, still appalled, concludes: «I have known Vladimir for years. I saw her host people thrown out of families because of their sexual identity in her home. You are the most generous person I know».

Last updated: Wednesday 24 June 2020, 19:42


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