Agnelli: if the championship does not end, no league title


TORINO – Nothing Scudetto With the’algorithm or with the crystallized ranking: the title is assigned only on the field, reiterated today in Serie A League, Andrew Agnelli. The Juventus president intervened in the debate on the various solutions to be adopted should the championship not end regularly for any reason. Since verdicts are needed to decide which teams access the Champions League and which onesEuropa League, as well as the teams that demote, the FIGC has thought of various solutions: from the crystallized ranking if everyone had played the same number of games, to a calculation mechanism (the notorious algorithm) with which to make a projection of the final ranking taking into account points at home and away.

Mechanisms that, according to the president of Juventus, they can be used for indispensable decisions (European qualifications or relegations), but they cannot assign the title which, if the championship does not end, it would be more logical to leave unassigned cause COVID-19. «Championships are won on the field»the president said at the meeting this afternoon.

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