Aggression on the bus | 24-year-old young man lashes out against the driver and tries to steal the vehicle: reported


The most intense moments of panic were those experienced on the afternoon of 15 June 2020 on board an ASF bus in Como. The police had to intervene to appease a 24-year-old young man who, after punching the windshield of the bus at a stop, managed to get on board the vehicle and violently hurled himself against the driver. The intervention of some passengers made it possible to remove the attacker from the driver, but the exgaitated young man, in an evident state of psychophysical alteration, managed to take over the cockpit. He was about to start the bus when a passenger intervened with a lightning act and removed the keys from the picture preventing the young foreign citizen from driving the bus.
The policemen of the steering wheels of the Como Police Headquarters had many difficulties in appeasing the boy who threw himself against them with kicks and punches. The attacker was reported on the loose for public service interruption and aggravated injuries. A policeman remedied wounds and injuries to an arm with a 7-day prognosis. Bruises and bruises that can be healed in 5 days, instead, for the driver.

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