Agents push 75-year-old to the ground, senior is serious. Buffalo storm – World


Two police officers from Buffalo, New York state, were suspended without pay after a video filmed them pushing a 75-year-old man to the ground during protests over the death of African American George Floyd. The footage, taken by the journalist of the local radio WBFO and then relaunched on Twitter, has gone viral on social networks, sparking controversy and criticism. In the images we see a man with white hair, for now unidentified, who approaches a group of agents in riot gear: a policeman pushes him with a stick and another with his hand and the man falls backwards and he slams his head on the sidewalk, seriously injuring himself. The 75 year old is in fact hospitalized in “stable but serious” conditions. The mayor of the city, Byron Brown, said he said he was “deeply troubled” by the video documenting the incident. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said he spoke to the mayor and agrees that the agents involved should be suspended pending a formal investigation. “Police officers need to enforce the law, not abuse it.”

At least 270 arrests in Ny protests yesterday – At least 270 people ended up in handcuffs last night in New York during protests that lasted well past eight in the evening, the curfew ordered by Mayor Bill de Blasio. Unlike in previous days, police officers began to enforce the curfew, systematically violated by protesters. “When there is too much, it is too much,” said the first citizen of the Big Apple referring to those who do not respect the rules. In the Bronx, officers made several arrests during a protest of at least 100 people still going on after 8pm. On the Upper West Side of Manhattan, however, about 200 protesters were followed by police as they headed to Central Park around 108th Street. In the general chaos, a boy from a restaurant was also arrested by mistake (they are considered essential workers and therefore exempt from curfew)


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