“Agents investigated for quelling riots in prison? Untold shame” – Il Tempo


“Agents can’t be investigated just because they did their homework.” This is what the leader of the League said from Santa Maria Capua Vetere, in the Caserta area: “I came here, I canceled the appointments, because 44 servants of the state cannot be investigated and searched as criminals” said Salvini arriving in front of the local prison referring to the agents suspected of being beaten in prison.

“There is neither in heaven nor on earth to search the agents in front of the prisoners’ families,” says the leader of the League, while TV and some policemen crowd around him. “Let them quell the revolt” shouts one of those present. “Open the gates, get the detainees out, if the riot quells them.” “Infamous government, at the service of criminals,” adds another nearby. And again from the crowd: “We make the revolt, we put all the prisons upside down”.

“It may happen that one in a thousand may be wrong,” adds Salvini, “and if one in a thousand is wrong, it pays. But there is neither in heaven nor on the ground, in front of the relatives of the prisoners come to search the police. Now I go inside to understand. As far as I am concerned, given the riots, it is not that you calm them down with daisies, electric guns and video surveillance, the sooner they arrive and the better it is for everyone, “he adds, addressing the prison police officers who listen to him at the entrance to the prison.

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