“After the political virginity the grillini also lost face” – Libero Quotidiano


Pietro Senaldi

After political virginity, the Cinquestelle Movement has also lost credibility, which has already been seriously compromised. The honor of Casaleggio and his associates lies buried in a forbidden briefcase. It is not known if it ever existed, although it is probable, but it is certain that it will not be easy for the Grillini to get rid of its political weight. When a defamatory and succulent news is thrown into the media cauldron, the victim does not take it off, and the five-star girls know it well, having repeatedly applied the method to the detriment of their enemies. The fact is that the Spanish newspaper ABC wrote that in 2010 the Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez, a communist thief who was hungry for his people, would have found in his consulate in Milan the founder of M5S, Gianroberto Casaleggio, three and a half million euros in suitcase. So, for sympathy, by way of non-repayable financing. Davide, the heir of the guru and the family business, promptly denied but this did not deflate the scandal. And for more than one reason.

First of all because the author of the scoop, Marcos Garcia Rey, is not exactly a fool, having won, among other things, a Pulitzer prize as he is part of the work team that discovered the Panama Papers, the list of all those which brought dirty money into Caribbean tax havens. Secondly, because it would not have been the first time that the caudillo covered European political forces with money “markedly leftist, anti-caste and anti-liberal”, as stated in the accompanying letter to the donation published by ABC and as in fact it is the identikit of the grillini. The list of beneficiaries already includes the Spaniards of Podemos, political brothers of M5S, and the Greeks of Tsipras, collectivists as much as the grillini. Thirdly because, although M5S is an unacceptable party, with delusional theses and that aims at the impoverishment and annihilation of the Italians, obstinate externalizations in favor of the Venezuelan grillini regime do not rationally justify and legitimize the suspicion that something stinks.

Guarantee rediscovered – We at Libero are guarantors. We do not point the accusing finger, also because we do not have the elements to say whether the Pulitzer Prize or the Venezuelan consul is right, according to which the deal is a conspiracy of the right. However, we cannot help laughing under the mustache and remember how, for much less, the League ended up on trial, in the newspapers and in the courtrooms. Let’s talk about Putin’s famous money, of which a ruble has not been found, although it has been investigated for a year. The news caused a scandal, although it was not brought out by an international hound but by a more banal gossip site, relaunched by the red weekly L’Espresso, the same one that every three weeks rediscovers fascism in Italy and was convicted of having published a Interception never proven in which the Sicilian governor Crocetta said that Borsellino’s daughter had to be killed.

Internal plot? – At the time, the secretary of the Democratic Party, Zingaretti, with a frown and serious tone, said that Salvini had to clarify everything immediately. It does not appear that similar requests have arisen from the Dem front towards the ally to grillino. The piddini have converted to waiting, understanding and tolerance. As well as the more sedate grills, from Bonafede to Crimi, to Toninelli, they have discovered an unsuspected guarantee vein. On the alleged Northern League scandal, Gruber and the TV talk shows inspired by her line lasted months; I wonder if they will do the same on the unseemly accusations against the strong partner of the government majority. It cannot be said that time will shed light on the story, because Italian history teaches that you never get out of these labyrinths, as you have not been able to clean up the mud that they bring in a lifetime. We can only say that we don’t know which of the two is worse. If the grillini described Venezuela as the country of Bengodi because they were on Chavez’s payroll, they are thieves; but at least there would be an explanation. However, it brings with it the doubt that even the love for China and Grillo’s meetings in the Roman embassy in Beijing underlie a logic and a profit similar to that reported by the Spanish of ABC. If, on the other hand, those of M5S are truly convinced that men hungry and terrified of caudillo are better than us, they are dangerous morons who will still do a lot of damage to Italy. Then there is a third hypothesis: Casaleggio junior is en route with Grillo and with half of the Movement. He does not want him to skip the third-term ban and he would like parliamentarians to return to present their expense reports and pay without saying a word the monthly donation to Rousseau, an increasingly useless platform. In short, Davide has become a nuisance that many want to get rid of and this scandal falls by the way; it could even be an internal conspiracy to M5S and not coming from the right. It is not known. In any case, the sooner we get rid of this rabble, the better. And on this also the Dems should start to make us a little thought.

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