After the investigation into Roberto Burioni and Nicola Bedin, the contract with Snam skips


After the investigation into Roberto Burioni and Nicola Bedin, the contract with Snam skips

Lifenet Helthcare, Nicola Bedin’s company that invented anti-Covid consultancy for companies together with virologist Roberto Burioni, has decided –
after the Espresso inquiry
last week – to terminate the contract with Snam, the natural gas giant controlled by Cassa Depositi e Prestiti.
A few days ago our weekly magazine found that the public methane company had also joined “Back on track”, a consultancy service that sells “indications and guidelines for resuming business operations in safety with respect to the coronavirus”.


Lifenet launched a consulting service aimed at companies together with the virologist. Contracts of up to € 200,000 with Tim, Snam, Marelli, Gucci and other brands. The scientist: «The srl deals with the commercial part, I am only one of their consultants. How much do I take? It is reserved ». Ferrari gave the professor 33 thousand euros

With variable rates depending on the type of service (advice on distancing from the factory and office, suggestions on various protocols and standards) and the scientific consultant chosen (Burioni the favorite by many) from various customers, such as Tim, Gucci, Philip Morris, Ferrari and other brands.
The contract with Snam reaches ceilings of 150 thousand euros. Legitimate but remarkable sum, also because for similar consultations other scientists take much less: Massimo Galli asked Pirelli for approximately 20 thousand euros for anti Sarv-Cov consultations, money that however (should the contract be approved by the university department) will go almost entirely in research and at the university.

Espresso, above all, had identified a potential conflict of interest of the CEO of Lifenet: contracted as a consultant by Snam in April, Bedin was then designated by the government (or rather by Cassa Depositi e Prestiti, majority shareholder of Snam ) as a member of administration and designated president of the public company.
The entrepreneur, former manager of San Raffaele and with excellent relations with Davide Casaleggio – so much so as to have spoken on healthcare at the “Sun” grill event in Ivrea – was until 2018 also on the board of Italgas, a company owned by Cassa Depositi and Loans and from Snam.

While some newspapers and social media argued over the journalistic investigation (never denied in any part by those directly concerned) on June 5, the day after the publication of the article on the site, Bedin took a pen and paper and sent a letter to Snam executives, requesting that the contract be terminated quickly. «Dear Sirs, in relation to my appointment announced on May 29 by Cdp spa as the next director and president of Snam … I am hereby representing the request of Lifenet srl to immediately terminate contract no. 7300004357 signed or last April 24 with duration until next July 31, “he explained. THEThe reason is precisely that hypothesized by the Espresso: “Reasons for opportunities linked to not wanting to overlap, even if only potentially, my role as CEO and partner of Lifenet with that of President of Snam”.

The letter, say the evil ones, would have been sent a few hours after the publication of the article on the affairs of Bedin and Burioni not by mere chance: members of the government (especially related to the Five Star Movement) would not have liked Bedin’s double guise as consultant and future president. And they would have suggested to the entrepreneur in his forties that, before the Snam board meeting on 18 June, it would have been necessary to untie the knot. “In other countries, the contract would not have been skipped,” union sources now say. “But his designation as number one would have been skipped.”

On the other hand, from internal company sources, it should be noted that contacts between Snam and Lifenet began in mid-April, and that the contract was signed on the 24th of the same month. Two weeks before the resignation of the outgoing president Luca Dal Fabbro, who unexpectedly resigned last May. On the occasion of his appointment as president of Snam, as required by law, Bedin would also have declared his contract.
The gas company, however, will not save all 150 thousand euros: Bedin wants some of the money with Snam agreed. “I also ask you to evaluate the progress of the services and deliverables referred to in the subject of the contract, and consequently the price share accrued to date”.

The future president is a professional, and he wants every euro he deserves. Although he will soon have significant new revenues: the Snam president earns over 300 thousand euros gross per year.

Who knows if Casaleggio at the next “Sun” in honor of his father Gianroberto will invite Bedin, former health expert and Covid, on a panel on gas and methane.

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