After the covid, the superintendency evicts the municipal gang


Trumpets, drums, oboes, clarinets and double basses with musicians in agile work with their arms folded. Get paid to stay home without being able to work. Coronavirus “silenced” the band of the local police force of Roma Capitale. The headquarters of the Antiquarium in via Parco del Celio 20 which houses them and where over seventy musicians practice and rehearse were closed by the Capitoline Superintendency during the lockdown and not yet reopened. “Lack of staff first and health emergency then – the members of the band and the unions report to Leggo – the gang’s pizzardoni are forced to forced smart working at home without being able to exercise with musical instruments. To carry out that type of activity, in fact, it is necessary for the rehearsals to be choral and for all the components to participate with the conductor who coordinates the scores and the notes to be played ».
A worrying situation that threatens to jeopardize the next events scheduled for the oldest musical group in the history of Italy established in October 1870 when the city of Rome established “Band of the city guards”, subsequently dissolved in the fascist period and refounded after the entry into force of the Rattazzi decree in 1946. Huge damage to the image of the Eternal City, in consideration of the fact that the band officially came out a hundred times a year and participated in parades, parades, anniversaries also outside and she was particularly appreciated also abroad, where she was invited with all honors. The heads of the general command in via della Consolazione, have repeatedly called for the reopening of the premises but no response has yet come from the leaders of the Capitoline Superintendence for Cultural Heritage. Does an organizational and bureaucratic problem or behind the failure to reopen the Antiquarium conceal the will to “evict” the musical group that has become cumbersome? In the coming days, some representatives of the department will ask to be received in the offices of the Capitol.

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