Adriana Volpe, her husband confirms the crisis: “Turn the question to her” (PHOTO)


Written by Marco Santoro, June 20, 2020, in Gossip

Adriana Volpe in crisis with Roberto Parli. Her husband on social media: “Turn the question to her”

Participation in the Big Brother Vip represented a new springboard for Adriana Volpe who returns to tv at the helm of new Tv8 program Every morning from June 29th. On the other hand, however, it led to the crisis with Roberto Parli. Some time ago it was the ex-Rai face who confessed to Alfonso Signorini that he had aroused jealousy in her husband who had discovered a more ironic, fun and provocative side within the four walls of the house most spied on by Italians. How can we forget the curtains between the presenter and Andrea Denver that had annoyed the businessman. On social media a follower asked: “I didn’t understand why you’re not with Adriana and your daughter. Your behavior is really strange “. Roberto Parli invited to ask the question to Adriana Volpe: “Turn the question to her”.
photo Adriana Volpe crisis Roberto Parli

Adriana Volpe, her husband Roberto Parli confirms the crisis: the unsettling gesture

After the experience at Big Brother Vip, something went wrong in Adriana Volpe’s marriage to Roberto Parli. The couple no longer showed up together, the businessman left the family home to settle in Switzerland and resolve some issues. Now, however, there are no more alibis and in a recent interview with Diva and Donna Adriana Volpe he did not hide that there are difficulties between them that have not yet been able to solve. There have been, in particular, jealousy reactions from Roberto Parli that amazed and displaced Adriana Volpe: “That there is this type of reality I do not hide it, I am an open book”. Even Roberto Parli on social networks replied to a follower to turn the answer to his wife on why he no longer lives with her.

Adriana Volpe in crisis with her husband, revelation about her daughter: “I prefer to be with him”

Currently Adriana Volpe, that has major changes revealed, is busy with rehearsals Every morning who will lead with Alessio Viola. TO Diva and Donna confessed that his daughter Gisele was flown to Switzerland by his father Roberto Parli:

“I prefer that our daughter can be with her dad today rather than with a nanny. It is the normality and beauty of being a family and thinking best for our child. “

To avoid further gossip, also, Adriana Volpe she declared that she will not go on vacation because she is busy on TV and most likely her daughter Gisele will do it alone with her father.

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