Accountants: tax deadlines need to be reordered, collapse is likely at the end of June



“Tax deadlines need to be reordered: collapse is likely at the end of June”. This is the alarm sent by all the associations of accountants, Adc – Aidc – Anc – Andoc – Fiddoc – Sic – Unagraco – Ungdcec – Unico, to the Revenue Agency and to the MEF. “As we have already pointed out over a month ago, a worrying crowding of tax deadlines is now determined which risk having serious repercussions on professionals and businesses. In addition to the annual tax deadlines, in addition to what was postponed in the lock down months, in to which, however, the studies have been engaged in the management of the obligations connected to the redundancy measures and the request for financing of the so-called liquidity decree, the measures provided for by the relaunch dl are also expiring “, they argue. The “risk – they continue – is that professional firms and administrative offices are faced with an unmanageable mass of data to be processed. The invitation is to take note of the serious situation, which has already been reported and foreseeable for some time, and to intervene promptly, avoiding spiteful and disrespectful last minute extensions “.

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