according to an insider, the date of the event could arrive today


An exact week has passed since Sony announced the game event PlayStation 5, postponed to a later date due to the recent events that have hit the United States. According to the words of an insider, however, the announcement of a new date may not be long.

To reveal it is Okami, a little known insider who uses his Twitter account from time to time to spread some anticipation. With a rather strange tweet, the insider hopes that today Sony will announce the new date of the event, which we remind you was scheduled for yesterday evening at 22:00. According to the character’s followers, this is nothing more than a way to announce between the lines that there are only a few hours left to the new date of the PS5 event. Although the insider in question is not the most reliable (long ago he claimed that the COD Modern Warfare 2 Remastered would come with a multiplayer sector), it was Sony itself to say that the new date of the event dedicated to games PS5 will arrive soon.

In short, Okami’s message should be taken with due precautions but it is still likely that the long-awaited announcement by Sony may arrive at any moment.

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