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Pipita will in all likelihood be forced to miss the challenge with AC Milan in the Italian Cup, but he could do it for the eventual final or at least the return of the Serie A. The Serbian hopes to be there with Atalanta at the restart

Nicola Berardino and Fabiana Della Valle

One click like many, then a strong pain in the thigh. Gonzalo Higuain’s smile died out just before lunchtime, while the sky above Turin was preparing for the storm. The Pipita stopped instantly, shaking his head wistfully. It took at least a couple of hours to make the black clouds that animated his thoughts disappear: no injury, which would have forced him to stop for a long time and maybe to skip the end of the season, only a muscle resentment of which at the moment it is difficult to establish the entity, but it still makes the player and Juventus breathe a sigh of relief. But the Italian Cup remains at risk: it is unlikely that the attacker will be able to recover for the return semifinal with Milan, which will be played in a week. Maurizio Sarri can hope to use it, perhaps part-time, for a hypothetical final (June 17) or for his A debut on the 22nd (more likely).

The first stop

Higuain is patient one of the post-COVID-19 Juventus infirmary. Last to return from Argentina (where he was two months to be close to his daughter and sick mother), he is the first victim of the dreaded muscle woes, which are affecting several sports centers in these days. This is despite Maurizio Sarri and his staff are using particular caution with the most fragile players and with those who have joined late, just to try to prevent injuries: after more than two months of inactivity, the danger of crack is very high. The Pipita did a lot of work apart and only in the last few days had he returned to the group. Having an important muscle structure, he needs time to get in shape. He knows that at this moment the risk of getting hurt is very high, which is why at the first sign he stopped the morning training as a precaution.


Sergej Milinkovic stopped and Lazio immediately feared he could lose his jewel for the restart of the championship. Hours of intense anxiety after the Serbian midfielder felt some discomfort in his right knee worsen yesterday morning. In the Wednesday afternoon session following a slip in a game contrast he had felt some pain, which however had not stopped him from completing his training regularly. Yesterday, however, he remained in the pits. To assess the situation, an MRI was fixed at the Paideia clinic. Meanwhile, apprehensions were growing in the Biancoceleste home: the risk of having to do less than the Serbian midfielder for Lazio’s return to the field in the match against Atalanta on 24 June was increasingly impending. In the early hours of the afternoon, a new medical consultation. In the evening, further tests revealed a knee sprain which however did not involve the ligaments (new checks in the next few hours).

Stop weight

So for Milinkovic there is a pit stop of about two weeks. Then, he will have to recover the right condition to return to the field. The goal of the “Sergeant” is to be able to be available for the match against Atalanta, but his recovery must however be assessed starting from the developments of the next few days. Certainly, there is a significant factor of uncertainty in Inzaghi’s work plan towards the restart of the championship, given the value of the Serbian and his return to high levels this season. Milinkovic was decisive with his goals in the successes of the Olimpico against Juventus and Inter, who gave the turning point to bring the biancocelesti to the Scudetto area. In the twenty-six days played by Lazio in this championship, the 25-year-old Serbian missed only one match, that of Parma, for a disqualification resulting from the sum of yellow cards. He found that lost continuity a year ago so as to rekindle the market attention of the top European clubs: Manchester United, Real Madrid and especially Paris Saint Germain are always interested in hiring him.

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