AC Milan transfer market – Chaos in Milanello: with Ibra they greet 4 others!


Calciomercato Milan – Yesterday’s chaos causes a revolution: five big names including Ibra could leave Milanello at the end of the season

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Milan transfer market, chaos in Milanello: Ibra and 4 others say goodbye

MILAN NEWS It is the news that shook the Rossoneri world 24 hours after the Coppa Italia match in Turin. The meeting between Gazidis and the team left wounds difficult to mend. The hard attack by Ibra, even understandable, can create difficulties both in tomorrow’s match and, above all, on the Rossoneri’s future. The Swede highlighted the management’s shortcomings. Among other things, not complete, given the absence of Maldini. This weakness highlighted by Gazidis made several big players worry, who were already in the balance before yesterday’s discussion. Milan will have to give in, there is no doubt about this, but it could see a real revolution with four other big names besides Ibra ready to leave Milanello: >>> GO TO THE LIST <<<

Milan transfer market, chaos in the Rossoneri house: Ibra and 4 others away from Milanello



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