AC Milan report cards – Calhanoglu devastating. Rebic, lethal counterattack


LECCE-MILAN 1-4 – 26 ‘Castillejo, 54’ Mancosu rig., 55 ‘Bonaventura, 57’ Rebic, 72 ‘Leao.

Donnarumma 6 – Little busy, he is overcome only by a penalty kick.
Accounts 6.5 – Game in crescendo after some initial uncertainty. Bello the winning assist for Leao.
Kjaer 6 – We expected a lot from the Dane, who returned to being the pivot of the defense and even more important, after the injury to Musacchio. Instead it hurts just before half an hour and must give up before the break. (From 40 ‘ Cage 5 – The only drawback in an evening of grace for the Rossoneri. His the penalty foul on Babacar).
Romagnoli 6 – Rarely called in cuasa, normal administration evening.
Théo Hernandez 6 – Some accelerated here and there but it is not the concordant overwhelming of the first releases. It wasn’t necessary tonight.
Kessié 6 – Precise in the support phase, some good interventions but overall it is not committed to a large expenditure of energy. (From 86 ‘ Paqueta sv).
Bennacer 6 – Good suggestions, some duel lost. The game allows you to play without pushing too hard on the accelerator.
Castillejo 7 – He scored Milan’s first post-COVID goal and did so with great fairness, as a true center forward. First sharp in this Serie A after having touched the net already at the start of the race. Test of great dynamism, Pioli decides to sip the energies with the game closed. (From 68 ‘ Saelemaekers 6 – Puts minutes in the legs, a race that cannot be evaluated, having entered the result already acquired)
Calhanoglu 8 – He only misses the goal. For the rest, he enters all four goals in his own way: assists for Castillejo; shooting that forces Gabriel to intervene on the occasion of Bonaventura’s goal; illuminating launch for the Rebic ride and opening by applause for Conti, on the occasion of the 1-4 cross.
Bonaventura 6.5 – Eight days after the contract expires, not only does Pioli gain the trust but he repays her by scoring a goal with very heavy psychological implications. After his 2-1 the race goes downhill. Previously he forced Gabriel to make a major intervention and risked stamping his feet with Castillejo on the occasion of the 0-1. (From 86 ‘ Biglia sv).
Rebic 7 – Pioli reaffirms his confidence despite the red remedied against Juventus. And he forgives himself, making the best use of his speed, which sends Salento’s defenders into crisis. And when it can exploit a counterattack it is lethal. (From 68 ‘ Leao 6.5 – Enter well on the game, finding the goal after four minutes).
Coach Stefano Pioli 7 – Full confidence in Rebic despite the ugly red remedied in the Italian Cup. Proactive team like never before and in a more than acceptable physical condition. Optimal mental condition, see reaction after 1-1. This Milan gives the impression of being “on the piece”.


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