Abruzzo, order for football and basketball without contacts and with gloves


An ordinance allows the reopening of amateur sports centers as long as they respect the rules of distancing that distort centenary games. Gravina, Figc president: “Only the IFA can rewrite the rules”

The Abruzzo Region rewrites the over one hundred year old rules of football and basketball for the Covid-19 emergency. It is the result of the order number 72 of President Marco Marsilio, issued for the resumption of the activity of the two sports but under special conditions around eight guidelines, some of which are discussed: “The touch of the ball with the hands only and exclusively if equipped with gloves “and then” man marking is forbidden “.

The protests

“We do not rewrite the rules of football, only the IFab can do it on behalf of FIFA”, commented the president of the Football Federation Gabriele Gravina. “The Ministry of Sport has issued the protocols for basic activity on the advice of the CTS and I hope that they will be adopted scrupulously everywhere,” he told Ansa. “It’s like saying that you can’t play – echoes coach Massimo Oddo -. I can’t believe it, and I say it without any controversy we would miss it, doing things halfway. In this way and with these prescriptions it becomes impossible to practice a sport that is a team, like football “.


In addition to the ban on men’s marking, the prohibition of contrasts and slips also distorts the idea of ​​football. And not least is the imposition of the use of gloves in a sport such as basketball based on “ball handling”, on the control of the ball with your hands, and certainly a contact sport. As reported by the AGI, the order of the Abruzzo Region regards the resumption of amateur sports, not yet foreseen at national level pending that it will be regulated by the next dpcm, and is valid until the end of the emergency currently set at 31 July to regulate the reopening of sports centers and clubs not affiliated with recognized sports organizations, provided that the protocol is respected. But not the rules of the game.

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