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Microsoft and 343 Industries have released a new one teaser trailer of Halo Infinite who confirmed, or at least seems to have done so, the presence of a plot element that made the hearts of the fans jump.

According to the most widespread interpretation of what can be heard in the teaser, in Halo Infinite there will be i Banished, an organization of mercenaries and criminals who rebelled against the Covenant empire and gained much power and influence after the end of the war between the Covenants and humans. It is commanded by Atriox, a ruthless and determined warmer Jiralhanae.

For the rest, the teaser does not tell us much more about the game again, even if we imagine that it is part of the campaign that will lead to the presentation of the gameplay during the Microsoft Xbox event in July 2020, which is being talked about a lot and on which the expectations are very high, also because it will serve to verify the change of pace of Microsoft compared to the recent past.

Halo Infinite is out on PC, Xbox Series X and Xbox One. It does not yet have an official release date, but it is known that it will be one of the launch games of the next-gen console of the house of Redmond.

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