A socialist turnaround is needed for the restart: more welfare and the state


Crises cause discontinuity. History often climbs along unexpected bends, shuffles the cards. We must be ready to seize the moment. After years of anti-state hangover and peana to unbridled privatization, the pandemic brought everyone down to earth. Public health, policies to support the weaker classes and the complex world of school and knowledge require massive investments by the state, as well as material and digital infrastructures and businesses to escape from the emergency. In short, a humanized state founded on a new social pact and a modern one welfare, in the frame of aEurope more cohesive and therefore able to compete on the axis China / United States of America. Needless to turn around: just what the culture of reformist socialism has been proposing for some time. The socialist tradition has been evoked from time to time but without anyone having drawn the necessary consequences.

First, in the second half of the 90s, it was enclosed in a phantom “third way” born in the post-communist universe, then, more recently, it was adopted by party currents, by movements and by individual subjects, lastly the mayor of Milan, without ever having to deal with the Italian version. Rather. It was preferred to chase experiences gained abroad since Portugal to the Nordic countries, instead of confronting our history, often creating artificial pantheons, children of narratives that expelled protagonists from the political story that made Italy freer and more civilized. Just one example, the last in order of time: it Workers’ Statute wanted by the minister Brodolini and written by Gino Giugni. Both obliterated in fact by recent news.

It is not only a matter of contesting with arguments a revision that seeks to cancel or, worse, hide, whole pieces of homeland history. The point is political. The ideals of reformist socialism keep their value intact all the more in this time of economic and social emergency, all the more when buffer measures, made necessary by the outbreak of the pandemic, must follow a project of society and a long vision for the rebirth to have solid foundations. Since there is no heir to the left, if not the Psi, of this extraordinary popular novel, from the PSI it is necessary to start again to put at the service of the Italians ideas and actions of social justice and civil progress, in the perfect synergy of rights to be enjoyed and responsibilities to be taken on.

L’Italy will come out ofsanitary emergency later than other European countries, more fragile, with more evident fractures, a picture not unlike the post-war years. Entrust their care to quarrelsome and afflicted governments “Presentism” would delay reaching safe shores. We do not call for the rediscovery of nationalizations. What is needed is a more rooted role of the state in the vital sectors and the authority of politics. We do not invoke dualism Government-Presidents by Region. What is needed is a Constituent Assembly that redesigns state powers by assigning certain functions to Parliament and involving middle companies and mayors according to the principles of mutuality and subsidiarity. The approach to the future is the return to the values ​​of the origins, starting with a certain internationalism whose contemporary meaning is all in the fight against unbridled globalization, conducted as it is by high finance and multinationals, therefore a decisive bet on United States of Europe.

This path cannot be entrusted neither to the Pd, whose souls still shy away from a close confrontation with the problems raised in past years by Italian socialism, let alone the universe of the Italian left, oscillating between populism and anti-Europeanism grillino and fringes that too often refer to the Berlinguerian tradition. And from Socialist party that we have to start again, strengthening it to put it at the center of a reformist alliance that aims to change Italy.

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