A shipwreck in Libyan waters. The lies of the NGO on Italy


Once again the NGO Mediterranea attacks Italy and the Navy to restart migratory flows from Libya to our country. The latest accusation is serious because it would accuse our country of not intervening on a boat in difficulty. According to the organization, among the 93 migrants brought back to Libya, there is also a newborn baby. “The Mediterranean Sea of ​​Mediterranea Saving Humans – rebuilds the NGO -, currently on patrol in the central Mediterranean, has received an SOS message sent by Alarmphone to all the competent authorities for the area, concerning a black rubber boat in difficulty with about 95 on board people, including 8 children and 20 women, one of whom appears to have given birth while sailing. They left at 22:30 from the Libyan town of Al Khoms. They are located 50 miles east of Misurata, drifting with a failed engine, about 80 miles from our current location“.

On board the boat there were at least 6 dead, affirmed Mediterranea on his site, choring a first figure of 8 given by the shipwrecked. The news of the birth on board was given yesterday by Alarm Phone, but this detail would not have convinced several military ships in the area to intervene. Among them, according to Mediterranea, the Italian frigate Bergamini Mare Safe was one of the “closest” to the dinghy of the operation, on board of which there were over 95 migrants, including 20 women and 8 children. A direct accusation against the frigate of the Italian Navy, engaged for years in patrolling the seas with missions all over the world. “We wrote to MRCC Rome and Eunavformed headquarters asking for European military ships to intervene urgently to save the lives of these 95 people and prevent them from being deported again to the Libyan hell from which they are trying to escape“. Alessandra Sciurba, president of Mediterranea Saving Humans explained that she had seen the Libyans from the radar of the Ionian Sea at a very short distance from the boat: “Dozens of people, including a newborn baby, will be captured and brought back to torture with full responsibility for the Italy that launched the report and did not intervene”.

A detailed accusation to the Navy. That in the evening unmasks the activists’ lies: “The Bergamini frigate was not yesterday in the area of ​​operations at sea, nor was it included in the device of the ‘Safe Sea’ operation, but is moored at the Naval Base of Taranto, the natural assignment site“, they specify, And they remember how”Search and rescue (Sar) activities are conducted according to international and national procedures which provide for the coordination of rescue actions by an organizational element called MRCC (Maritime Rescue Coordination Center) and the intervention of any boat that can intervene“. The same Irini mission he stressed that there are no Italian assets that are part of the operation.

At 11.18pm yesterday, the Ong said a Libyan coast guard patrol boat completed the interception and capture of “over 70 people” including women and young children on board the dinghy reported by Watch The Med – Alarmphone 52 miles northeast of Measured. “Our Ionian Sea – explains the organization in the reconstruction carried out on its site -, which was located a few miles away, offered its willingness to embark the castaways on a safer structure, which could guarantee adequate medical and health care. Libyan militiamen refused and denied information about the presence on board of 8 deceased people and a woman who would have given birth on board, as the castaways had reported“.

The last message is this morning shortly after 8.30 am through the words of the spokesperson of IOM – UN Migration, Safa Msehli confirms: “A woman gave birth in the dinghy during the crossing, 93 people were pushed back to Libya, the castaways reported that 6 others died. They are the people that Italy and Europe chose not to save yesterday “. It is not the first time that an NGO attacks the navy, it also happened a year ago, when Mediterranea had attacked the Cigala Fulgosi, according to the organization, which was the cause of the death of a 5-year-old girl who was aboard a damaged boat a few miles from the Libyan coast.

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