A rock comes off and hits a hiker, injured a 65 year old


She was climbing Mount Cornetto with three friends when she was hit by a boulder fallen from above. It happened on Saturday morning around 11.

At the request of the carabinieri, the Alpine Rescue of Schio intervened on Monte Cornetto, in a canal parallel to the Vaio Stretto, where a hiker who was climbing it with three friends, hit by a boulder fallen from above, had fallen to the ground, slamming shoulder and arm.

Seven rescuers, from the description of the place and the GPS coordinates, identified and reached the accident site, the scene of a landslide a few years ago.

After immobilizing the limb to the woman, a 65-year-old from Trento, who was able to walk alone, equipped her with a harness and insured her to accompany her to the valley once the descent was equipped with a fixed rope.

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Back on the path, the team and the four hikers in half an hour returned to the parking lot, from where the group then left independently.

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