‘A political party tried to silence me’


Giuseppe De Donno he went back to talking about his plasmaterapia. The director of the pneumology department of Intensive Care at the Carlo Poma in Mantua was in fact the protagonist of a connection in which he spoke with the Leonardo da Vinci Scientific High School of Maglie, in the province of Lecce. What made noise was the fact that his statements, reported by Ansa, once again focused everything on the lack of desire or interest in considering the validity of his therapeutic solution against the new Coronavirus. De Donno particularly stressed that this lack of open doors for him sounds almost like a spur to commit himself even more.

De Donno stresses that little is said about plasma therapy

Dr. Giuseppe De Donno, addressing the students, openly underlined the desire to speak sincerely specifying how, in his opinion, the desire to do not emphasize the effectiveness of the treatment against the new plasma-based coronavirus. Evidence that, according to the doctor, would also be made by the media development that the Covid-19 theme is having. The scientist has, in fact, suggested that at the moment we are mainly talking about vaccine as a solution. Much less space would be devoted to the possible use of the plasmaterapia. The solution indicated by the experimentation conducted by Giuseppe De Donno would have, among other things, the prerogative of having almost negligible costs.

Basically you try to cure it COVID-19 with a plasma infusion of cured patients (therefore with antibodies already developed) in the subjects affected by the infection. A road that, if traveled once verified by the scientific community, would have costs significantly lower than those of a drug therapy.

De Donno says there are those who have tried to silence him

Giuseppe De Donno he did not fail to point out also the responsibility of the political world for the lack of visibility that plasma therapy would be having. To explain this point of view, he chose to cite a fact that would take place in a significant environment for democracy, the Senate, where the scientist held an audition.

“A certain part Policy – says De Donno – tried to silence me. “A response that, however, does not generate resignation in the doctor who, on the contrary, says he receives from facts of this type an effect exactly opposite to what a lack of support could suggest. Italy mourns almost 35,000 people, according to his data, De Donno suggests that at least half of them could have been saved with plasma therapy.

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