A noose for Bubba Wallace, but it’s a misunderstanding. FBI: “There since last autumn”


Everyone had upset the presence of a “noose” in the pits Bubba Wallace, the only African American driver of the NASCAR Cup Series for Richard Petty Motorsports, in Talladega. Instead, as an investigation by theFBI, it’s about a misunderstanding: it is a rope used as a handle to open the garage.

The “noose” found in Wallace’s box

The United States of America is experiencing a very delicate moment with the “Black Lives Matter” movement, which grew following the recent death of George Floyd at the hands of a policeman. NASCAR has also remained fully involved because of Wallace, which has openly sided in favor of BLM in recent days and against the use of the Confederate flag, considered a racist symbol but widely used by fans of the American series. Last June 21, when members of the # 43 team showed up in the garage of Talladega – which we remember being in Alabama, one of the most racist states – they found a “noose” that alarmed Wallace and the whole NASCAR community, a lot ‘is that Richard Petty showed up on the oval on the day of the race alongside his pilot, to support him together with all the other drivers and teams who even dedicated a parade to him before the race on Monday.

The FBI investigation ensures: already there since last autumn

The FBI quickly concluded the investigation, finding that it was not intimidation against Wallace at all but a misunderstanding. The rope in question is used precisely as a handle to open the garage, already present there since last autumn and also in other boxes. It is even clearly visible in several videos of last year’s events in Talladega, which makes a shadow fall on the story. A lightness that makes the scandal scream and that will give a greater voice to the racists present in the NASCAR scene. In the meantime, the intimidations (the real ones) towards Wallace seen on the Internet remain …

Copyright photos: Bubba Wallace

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