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The business plan presented by ArcelorMittal “moves away from the 4 March agreement and the government’s objectives in a radical way and we intend to overturn the issue”. The Minister of Economic Development, Stefano Patuanelli, said this from what was learned from sources present at the videoconference meeting underway with the unions. The goal is to “maintain full employment,” he said, referring not only to the group’s 10,700 but also to those in extraordinary administration. The industrial plan proposal presented by ArcelorMittal is “unacceptable”: said the Minister of Economic Development, Stefano Patuanelli, from what he learns from sources present at the video conference meeting in progress with the unions, because it puts employment levels in question and the investment plan, extending the time “out of proportion”. The need is “to protect employment”, he stressed.

For the minister of the economy, ArcelorMittal’s new business plan is “inadequate. For us, we must start from the March plan,” said Gualtieri, as learned from sources present at the meeting. “There is a contract,” remarked the minister, and “Am must assume its responsibilities. We are aware that it is necessary to introduce the impact of Covid into the” forecasting “trajectory, but we are talking about something very distant from that presented. ” For the Minister of Labor Catalfo, the new business plan “is unsatisfactory” and the expected job reduction “is unacceptable”. The minister said it, according to what is hung, at the table on ArcelorMittal.

The strike of direct workers and the contract began this morning at 7 in all the Italian sites of ArcelorMittal, proclaimed by the unions to protest against the new business plan presented by the multinational which provides for over 3 thousand redundancies and the failure to return to service of the 1,600 workers left in charge of Ilva in As. In Taranto, several dozen workers are supervising the management of the plant. Fim, Fiom and Uilm called the strike for 24 hours, the USB 48 hours.

The mobilization was launched on the day of the videoconference meeting convened by the Minister of Economic Development Patuanelli with trade union organizations and extraordinary commissioners Ilva, which will also be attended by ministers Gualtieri and Catalfo.

Fim, Fiom and Uilm yesterday developed during the works council a platform of requests to the government, including the no to layoffs, the resumption of maintenance, plants currently stopped, activities of the environmental plan, introduction of the Preventive health impact assessment, the law special for Taranto. Tomorrow a new extraordinary works council will decide on any other forms of mobilization. According to the USB, “there is absolutely no discussion with those who ask for public resources to rule in Taranto”, one must “remove this multinational. Taranto’s future passes through a program agreement”. This morning the extraordinary inspection of the commissioners of Ilva in As started (and will last 8 days).

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