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“A sovereign trait, not a sovereign one but just a sovereign one, a slight megalomania, a folie de grandeur seems to have seized the Prime Minister“. It feels a bit Sun King, a little’ Amadeus. But Giuseppe Conte he’s just a premier by accident. The attack by the is unbelievable and violent Corriere della Sera to the head of government with one of his leading columnists, Antonio Polito who writes: “The first sign that something was wrong we should perhaps have picked it up the day Conte went to Lombardy for the first time, on April 27, a couple of months after the first case of Codogno. In short, by the premier of a country that mourns 35 thousand deaths and counts 235 thousand cases of Covid-19 we could have expected some more doubts about one’s performance “.

And again: “A folie de grandeur seems to have taken possession of the former people’s lawyer – reads Corriere della Sera – transforming the narration of the humble son of the fatherland torn from his beloved profession, into that of the father of the fatherland dedicated to a mission saving “.

“I would do everything the same” said the premier who in the climax of the organization of the General States ended up under accusation for the investigation of red areas in Nembro and Alzano Lombardo where the virus consumed his massacre. Polito points out that that phrase “I would do everything the same“Only Trump had said so as” the whole world copies us. “The reporter hits and sinks:” I will make Parliament aware of what Trump could have said because he is President, not of the Council but of the United States. Instead, Trump didn’t say it either. Conte yes, when he announced, with grace, that from the emergency system of the Dpcm he would move on to inform the Chambers at fixed deadlines “.

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