A Ferrari F12 challenges a Tesla Model S: is the result embarrassing?


For Ferrari enthusiasts it doesn’t have to be a great time. A video has been circulating on the web in which a Ferrari F430 is silenced by an Alfa Romeo 156 GTA. Now in a video of the Italian youtuber Matteo Valenza a Ferrari F12 is opposite to a Tesla Model S P100D. (Challenge per minute 1:33)

We are talking about the best performing Model S in the range and also the most expensive, a car capable of incredible performance Elon Musk even led to filming at the Nurburgring. A further enhanced three-engine and 7-seater version of the car will arrive shortly, but in the meantime the current one is also able to give a show: placed in front of a Ferrari F12, the result was somewhat embarrassing for the Maranello sports car – even if you have to admit a slight delay in the start phase probably due to the pilot.

There Model S burned the Italian in a rather overwhelming way at the start, however, this is not a big news. We all know that electric cars have unparalleled instantaneous torque, with thermals that can rarely compete. It is, however, pure and simple acceleration 0-100 km / h, clearly to evaluate a car at 360 degrees many other parameters are needed and it is possible that the same F12 in question can do better during a complete lap on the track. Certainly, however, Elon Musk will be happy to have won another acceleration challenge, a sector where he has very few rivals, even in the same electric field …

To see more videos on the Tesla world, we refer you to the official Matteo Valenza channel.

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