A cappuccino with Sconcerti: Ronaldo is always untouchable, Dybala is not. Juve, here is the injustice | First page


The Calciomercato.com appointment is back: a cappuccino with Mario Sconcerti. The topical football themes deepened by one of the reference points of Italian journalism and a fixed presence on the pages of our site. Today’s commentary is on Paulo Dybala.

Dybala’s interview with CNN. It is the fake-naive ones, who agree with everyone but intend to scare many. The sentence that summarizes it is the one on an upcoming interview with Andrea Agnelli for the renewal of the contract. “If I will talk to Agnelli? Yes of course. Or maybe not, there is time, even if my other companions have already renewed. ” I am convinced that Dybala will remain at Juve and will hold it for a long time as soon as Ronaldo’s contract expires. But in the meantime he has accumulated a lot of dust on his shirt. It had been put up for sale. And even this season he has not managed to remain a permanent owner. When Sarri told him to trust the future, Dybala replied that his future was now. Patience had a limit that had already been overcome. Now that the deadline is approaching, Dybala can show Juve how many clubs they want. Juve knows this, but cannot touch Ronaldo, not even in the game. This is the unfair point. The disparity.

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