A 47-year-old lumberjack dies overwhelmed by a tree: the alarm from his colleagues – Chronicle


The carabinieri on the spot
The carabinieri on the spot
Arezzo, June 3, 2020 – Accident at work in a forest in the Casentinesi Forests. An accident that cost the life of a 47-year-old lumberjack, of Romanian origin but residing in Pratovecchio and employed in a local company.

Intervention of 118 took place near the Passo della Calla, Parco delle Foreste Casentinesi, to rescue the lumberjack, 47 years old, who remained under a tree.

The patient was reached by an ambulance from Stia which found the man’s death making the approach of the Pegaso1 helicopter that was already in flight useless at that point.

The Fire Brigade and the Carabinieri of Pratovecchio Stia were also present.

The accident took place around 2.30 pm in Fosso Del Lastricciolo. It seems from the first investigations that by cutting one of the big trees, the trunk is suddenly ruined on him causing his death on the spot.

Checks are underway on the dynamics by the carabinieri together with the ASL.

The judicial authority has ordered an external examination of the body, it will be performed tomorrow in Bibbiena: then the body will be returned to the family for the funeral. The alarm was raised by co-workers and the company owner who were on the spot


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