76 invited to the wedding infected and a woman dies


The bride’s father was positive at coronavirus so, after the ceremony, 76 out of 360 guests were infected and one woman died. It happened last March in Jordan and the story has become a case study, which will be published next September in the journal of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention USA, since the man himself, who arrived a few days before his daughter’s wedding from Spain, he may be the country’s zero patient and the one from whom the first outbreak of the Covid-19 epidemic would arise. It all began on March 13, when the wedding was celebrated, which was attended by about 360 people, according to the testimonies of those present, but the experts were unable to trace the precise number.

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Among them, of course, the bride’s dad, who had come from Spain four days before the ceremony. The man, whom scholars regarded as the clinical case report in Jordan, is 58 years old and had experienced the first symptoms of the infection, such as high fever, cough and obstructed airways around two days before the wedding, which took place for about two hours in an indoor room designed to host about 400 guests. On March 15, after going to the emergency room, he was subjected to a tampon, which gave a positive result. Not only. Four weeks after the wedding, another 85 people with a history of exposure related to that event tested positive. Of these, 76 had been directly to the party, 9 were contacts of confirmed cases. Half of these were asymptomatic or exhibited mild symptoms, but two patients were in serious or critical condition. In fact, an 80-year-old woman with breast cancer developed pneumonia and respiratory failure and died 2 weeks after hospitalization. Another patient, pregnant, gave birth to her baby with cesarean the day after hospitalization. The infant tested negative.Coronavirus, 8 new cases in Rome (7 in a Pisan care institution). In Lazio 9 positive

A situation never seen before, which ended soon under the magnifying glass of the Jordan University of Science and Technology scholars who analyzed the case and all the connections between the various guests. The median time between exposure to infection at marriage and the onset of symptoms was 5 days. Moreover, by April 10, therefore less than a month after the fateful yes, the number of cases confirmed by the marriage constituted 24% of all Covid-19 cases in Jordan. The country was blocked on March 14 and the city of Irbid, where the epidemic occurred, was isolated from the rest of the country. “The research – explain the researchers – indicates (and confirms) how in indoor and crowded meetings, the transmission speed can be much higher. This pandemic disease is a threat to public health, so you have to be very careful”. For this, it is the conclusion they came to, “communities should continue to discourage large meetings, identify and test contacts and isolate confirmed cases to help control the Covid-19 pandemic.”

Flu, vaccine recommended and free for children and over 60. Ministry: «Anticipate in October»

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