742 video games for $ 5 instead of 3,400 thanks to a charity bundle


Once again, video gamers can make their contribution to help charities who, with their activities, try to give the same possibilities to all individuals – in this case, also and above all by overcoming the racial discrimination that is sadly at agenda.

While protests raged in the United States and around the world Black Lives Matter, especially following the death of George Floyd, the site Itch.io has decided to ask gamers for help in pursuing the cause.

A special bundle was thus launched “For racial justice and equality”, he explains Itch, whose proceeds will go totally to charity: 50% will be donated to the NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund, while the other half to the Community Bail Fund.

The bundle includes 742 video games, from 564 different developers: normally, they would have a cumulative price of $ 3,468 – but for the initiative you can buy them all for just $ 5. Considering the initiative, you can also decide to pay something more, at your discretion, considering that the whole amount is then donated for the fight against discrimination.

Once the donation is complete, you can download all the games in the bundle – including Night in the Woods is OxenfreeDRM-free, which means that you will not get Steam codes and you will not have to go through a store control, but you will have a “clean” and direct download, to be placed on the computer you prefer.

«We are living in times of racial injustice, inequality and brutality by the police against black people. We hope everyone takes a stand in any way they can: we have decided to join forces with creators of our entire platform » writes Itch in the note accompanying the bundle, “To support organizations that work directly with people affected by these discrimination.”

The bundle, which will remain online for eight days, has currently been collected over $ 1.5 million in donations, from 134,225 different gamers around the world. Will you be the next one to pick up that amount?

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