7-DAY WEATHER: an anticyclone with oceanic origins is arriving.


The reinforcement of a figure of high pressure, now appears to be a full-blown fact in the evolution of the weather forecast for Europe already by the next weekend. The new anticyclone with oceanic origins will bring a significant improvement in weather over central and western Europe, extending its influence also on part of the Italian territory. The center of gravity of instability will move to the southern regions, where between Sunday and Tuesday next a cooler air circulation will renew the possibility of thunderstorms especially along the Apennine ridge but also possible on some stretches of coast. This unstable circulation will affect the southern regions precisely because of the behavior acquired by the Azores anticyclone, which with its eastern wing will easily conquer central Europe, closing the door to Atlantic disturbances and forcing unstable currents to have a northern origin instead than western.

Here is the forecast of European model referred to next Monday, in which we clearly distinguish the anticyclonic reinforcement and at the same time the unstable circulation directed to the southern regions:

With this type of circulation, we expect a rise in temperature that will conquer the Iberian Peninsula, France, Germany and the Netherlands in a few days. The mild air brought by the anticyclone will also be felt on a part of Italy, initially especially on the northern regions, with a thermal rise already in sight by Sunday, then also on the central and southern regions from the second half of next week , when the unstable Balkan circulation will finally let go. Here is the forecast of American model referred to next Thursday:

Forecast summary from Saturday 20 to Saturday 27:

Saturday 20 a bit of afternoon instability along the Alps and Prealps, especially the Veneto and Friuli regions. Thunderstorms also along the Apennines. Sunny on the coasts and plains, pleasant temperatures.

Sunday 21 the afternoon thunderstorm instability on the central and southern Apennines is accentuated, some showers also on the Alps, more sun on the coasts and plains. Thermal rise to the north.

Monday 22 unstable weather in the south, with the possibility of thunderstorms also along the coasts of Sicily, Calabria, Basilicata. Some stormy hints also on the central Apennines and the Alps. Thermal rise in the center and north.

Tuesday 23 still instability in the south, sunny in the center and north, with rising temperatures.

Wednesday 24 hints of afternoon thunderstorm instability along the Apennines and the Alps, sunny elsewhere. Moderate heat.

Thursday 25 with summer weather. A few thunderstorm blocks on the reliefs.

Friday 26 is Saturday 27 two days of summer weather with moderate heat and thunderstorms in the afternoon on the hills.

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