65 “Samsung Q60R 4K Smart TV at a shocking price on eBay!


If you are looking for an excellent smart TV at a truly unmissable price, then we strongly suggest that you take a look at the offer that eBay is reserving for the extraordinary 65 “Samsung smart TV Q60R 6 series, which arrived on the market last year. , ed still today among the best QLED panels offered by the Korean manufacturer. A nothing short of fantastic TV, generally sold for over € 1,600, e today discounted for only € 741.99, with a discount applied equal to 56%!

Believe us, it is one of those occasions that you can’t miss for any reason, especially because we are talking about a product with all the trappings, distinguished since the launch for its intense and vivid colors and for the wide spectrum of shades reachable from its panel, which with well 1 billion color reached, makes this TV an authentic sight for the eyes.

Equipped with technology Ultra Viewing Angle, which improves the viewing angle from any observation point, is equipped with Quantum processor, originally exclusive only to 8K panels, and then also arrived on 4K panels starting from the Samsung Q Smart TV line, thanks to which precise upscaling is possible which allows you to fully enjoy the high resolution panel even with SD content, which still represent a large percentage of all those available. In short, a truly exceptional TV that, thanks to the eeBay offer, can be yours at a bargain price. So why not take advantage of it right away? The discount may soon run out, as well as the store’s stocks could quickly run out, Monclick, which in addition to its sales portal, has long been selling its products on eBay with the same guarantee of professionalism and fast and safe shipping!

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