600 euro INPS bonus, last hours to apply for the month of March


MILAN – The window closes on 3 June to apply for the 600 euro allowance that INPS provides to self-employed workers affected by the coronavirus crisis, relating to the month of March, who have not done so in the past.It is only one of the deadlines affecting the Institute for Pensions. Yesterday, in fact, INPS reported that 42 thousand of disability check holders and seasonal workers will receive the COVID 19 allowance for the month of March after the official review of the applications previously rejected by INPS. These are 19 thousand applications for holders of ordinary disability allowances and 23 thousand seasonal workers. These questions will then be paid for both March and April 2020.
Together with this data, INPS has specified that it receives a disability allowance and has not yet applied (because it was incompatible with the bonus before, then the changes took over), it will be able to do it until a little more time: until Monday 8 June. The same limit is indicated for those who receive the citizenship income and who, for the month of April, will be able to request an integration up to the level of 600 euros. Instead, there is time until the 21st of the month to ask for the rejection of rejected applications.As for those with disabilities, INPS has in fact recalled that “any admission to the payment in March will also entail the payment of the allowance for the month of April. The same extended term of 8 June 2020 is foreseen for the holders of citizenship income who, although not entitled to the allowance for the month of March, can benefit from the integration of the citizenship income up to a capacity of 600 euros (500 euros in the case of agricultural worker) for the month of April 2020. In the event of admission to the benefit, the COVID19 allowance will therefore not be paid, but only an integration of one’s citizenship income in the course of being received “.

The note also states that “the COVID allowances are incompatible with the Emergency Income (Rem)”.

Among the other innovations, the note also remembers the “Italy relaunch decree has provided for workers of the show a COVID19 allowance of 600 euros per month for the months of April and May. The beneficiaries registered in the Workers’ Fund are included in two audiences: with at least 30 daily contributions paid in the year 2019 from which in the same year 2019 an income not exceeding 50,000 euros; with at least 7 daily contributions paid in the year 2019, from which derives in the same year 2019 an income not exceeding 35,000 euros For both audiences, incompatibility with direct pensions or with employee employment as of May 19, 2020 is envisaged. For both audiences, access requests with a single format for the two months are online. In addition, those who with the requirement of 30 daily contributions who have already applied for the month of March must not submit a new application “.

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