50% GaE, 50% competitions. Additional band and quick call for news


Submission in secondary teaching role 2020/21, 50% of the places assigned to the competition go to the teachers of the 2016 competition and in the case of exhaustion to those of the 2018 competition.

Retirement teachers from 01/09/2020

Pension rights are certified for approximately 39,700 names. In particular, 29,900 concern teaching staff; to which 446 religious teachers and 99 educators are added. This will allow the Ministry of Education to initiate personnel mobility operations and immissions.

Quote 100

The regional school offices have provided for the assignment of the seats to the persons placed in the role, thanks to the quota of 100: about 4500 places. The nominations in the role will have legal effect 2019/2020 and economic effect 2020/2021.

2020/21 immissions

The remaining entries in the role – ordinary and non-ordinary recruitment procedure after appointments by way of quota 100 – scheduled for next year, will take place by 20 September 2020, the deadline indicated by the school decree for the procedures related to the regular start of the school year, notwithstanding the deadline set at 10 September by art.5 paragraph 1 of the DL 8/6/2020.

This is because ordinary hiring procedures will be carried out by 10 September; to follow by 20 September we will proceed with the hiring on the basis of the ministerial decree n. 25 of 8 June (quick call).

Hiring: 50% Gae, 50% competitions

The usual role hiring procedure is:
• 50% GaE (rankings upon exhaustion);
• 50% at the 2016 and 2018 competitions (merit rankings with winners and suitable candidates).

Law Decree 126/2019 converted with amendments into law no. 159 2019 extended the merit ranking of the 2016 teachers’ competition by a further year (five-year validity 2016-2021); this means that:

• 50% of the places reserved for merit-based ranking lists will go to the winners and candidates of the 2016 competition.
If more vacancies are available than the total number of aspiring teachers included in the 2016 ranking, we proceed in this way:
• For aa.ss. 2020/21 and 2021/22: 80% in the 2018 competition and 20% in the post-2018 competitions (always in reference to 50% of the places allocated for the competition)

The law establishes that in the event that bankruptcy procedures are initiated, but not concluded, the places placed in the competition are in part set aside and made unavailable for entry into the role.

20% of the subsequent competitions referred to above refer to extraordinary and ordinary competitions; however, the share of these insolvency proceedings cannot be covered because they have not yet been completed.

Additional bracket for teachers included in the merit rankings Competition 2016

From this year, a new role hiring method has been introduced, in the context of ordinary injection operations. This is the additional band.

In fact, these new recruitment opportunities are presented for teachers who have participated, in the merit ranking or in the lists of suitable candidates, in the professorships announced in 2016; this ranking will expire in some cases in 2021 following the regulatory extensions of past years, which have made it five-year for three years.

Specifically, the art.1 paragraph 18-bis of the law decree 126/2019, as modified by the conversion law n.159 / 2019, has established an additional recruitment bracket for the purpose of hiring the teaching staff indefinitely, which tends to remedy the natural expiration of the validity of the ranking lists.

The teachers included in the 2016 merit ranking lists can be entered, based on voluntary application, in an additional bracket to the merit ranking lists:

• the extraordinary primary and childhood competition pursuant to DDG 1546 of 7 November 2018;
• of the secondary school competition referred to in DDG 85 of 1 February 2018.

The application will be submitted by the teachers concerned for a single region, even different from the one in which they held the 2016 competition.

If you are present in multiple rankings, you choose multiple regions, with the same principle, of one region for each ranking.

Candidates included conditionally in the aforementioned rankings and additional lists can participate in the procedure. The inclusion in the additional bracket is provided with reserve until the settlement of the related dispute.

It should be noted that the additional bands DO NOT expire and will be used every year from 2020/2021 until they are exhausted.

The application will be submitted exclusively electronically. Candidates are inserted according to the score obtained in their respective rankings or additional regional lists of origin. DRAFT DECREE ADDITIONAL BANDS

Fast call, excluding tenured teachers

From this year the M.I. has introduced a new opportunity: the fast call, foreseen by the decree-law 126/2019.

After the ordinary recruitment procedures in place, by 10 September (but this year by 20), any remaining places can be assigned to those who agree to move to other regions with the restriction of not being able to apply for mobility for subsequent 5 years: both transfer and provisional assignment.

The regional school offices will indicate the places left free, after hiring, and will ban them: the teachers included in the exhaustion rankings and in the merit rankings 216 and 2018 of other territories will be able to apply voluntarily, and we will proceed with a temporary ranking by scores; requests must be sent within 5 days from the opening of the functions by the USR.

The ministerial decree of 8 June this year concerning the fast call, excludes the procedure.

• teachers already in office;
• teachers hired for an indefinite period in the same reference year of the procedure;
• teachers hired in reserve with reserve.

We remember that

  • applicants included in the regional merit rankings of the 2016 and 2018 bankruptcy procedures can apply to be hired in one or more provinces of another region: only one region other than the one in which they are included;
  • applicants present in GAE, can apply to be hired in one or more provinces of the same region or, alternatively, in one or more provinces of a different region.

Entries in the role from the 2016 competition rankings: as long as suitable. From this year also additional band and quick call

2020/21 immissions. There could be about 50 thousand, from which rankings, quick call examples and additional band. [LE FAQ]

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