5 asteroids are en route to the PLANET according to NASA


Terra Busy skies above the Earth; the phenomenon that will bring began on the night of June 16 5 asteroids darting over our heads. The event, which will end on the 19th, should culminate with the passage of two of the celestial bodies on the date of the 17th. The dimensions are not however worrying; the diameters of the bodies oscillate between the 41 meters and 92 meters the first and among the 11 meters and 24 meters The second one.

All this just a few days after another asteroid passes close to the earth. The N.E.O. ( Near Health Obgect ) called 2020 LD, from the height of its 140 meters in length it could have caused much more concern; he could have, and has not, because the “big stone”, passed at a distance lower than that of the Moon, he was spotted only two days after his passage.

Apophis the asteroid that was supposed to destroy Earth

99942 Apophis, this is the full name of another asteroid that was feared for a certain period could crash on our planet. This celestial body actually has yet to reach our planet with the passage over our skies that would be expected only in 2029. However, on December 27, 2004 a possibility of collision with the asteroid of 2.7%.

Although it is not a very high figure, considering also a assumed diameter of about 415 meters, it was not possible to ignore the risk. Fortunately, subsequent studies have made it possible to find smaller dimensions than the first estimates, with an estimated diameter of 270 meters. Finally in 2013, after careful studies by NASA researchers, it was possible to ascertain with certainty that Apophis will not hit the earth.

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