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After the2020 Mobility Bonus announcement, in the big cities of Italy the electric scooter fever has risen, with offers in the best electronics chains and ultra limited stocks. On the web we speak mainly of Segway and Xiaomi models (by the way, don’t miss our direct comparison between Ninebot Segway ES2 and Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter Pro) but they are not the only ones that deserve attention: therefore we discover other interesting scooters to buy online or directly in the store. If you want, you can still take a look at our review of the Ninebot Segway ES2 with and without extra battery or at the review of the Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter Pro, two of the best-selling models of the moment that however are not available in many areas of Italy. Well let’s find out which other models are worthy of attention, electric scooters that you can easily find at electronics chains such as Mediaworld, Unieuro, Expert and whoever has more has more.

Twodots OneKick Urban

Let’s start immediately with the Twodots OneKick Urban, a really well-finished scooter that at first glance seems different from all the others. The light-colored knobs are in a material that resembles leather and not plastic, the motor is instead Brushless 350W, has an LCD display, an excellent band of front LED lights, 10-inch puncture-proof tubeless tires.

It charges in 4-5 hours and promises up to 25 km of autonomy. As required by law, it does not exceed 25 km / h and has a climbing angle of 15 degrees. The maximum capacity is 100 kg, with the scooter that instead weighs 14 kg. It can obviously fold up and has both an electronic and a mechanical brake. It is currently found in electronics chains at around 400 euros, with a few more autonomy it would have been one of the best models in circulation.

Nilox Doc Twelve

The Nilox Doc Twelve has now become a legendary model, also because like no other offers 12-inch tires for great stability. It carries a maximum of 100 kg and its speed reaches 25 km / h, but beware of the most difficult climbs (its 250W motor) and autonomy, which does not exceed 30 km.

It has a comfortable LCD display and is sold with a standard smartphone holder (but watch out for its road holding). It recharges in about 4 hours and offers the driver an effective mechanical brake. It can be an excellent alternative in case you are looking for a stable scooter, you must however spend approximately 600 euros.

Ducati Pro I Plus

It is a little-known model but it can represent an excellent trick if Xiaomi scooters are not available anywhere … In terms of engineering we are talking about one Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter almost entirely, we have an autonomy of 25 km, 8.5-inch wheels, 25 km / h of maximum speed and a design that incorporates 1: 1 just the most famous scooters of the Chinese brand.

Currently in chains it can be found at around 330 euros. If you are a Ducati fan, however, be careful because the new Cross-E Scrambler electric scooters and the Pro II will soon arrive, with the latter heir right of the model we are talking about.

Go-Smart 10 “Eco

The scooter Go-Smart 10 “Eco it may not hit you immediately but it has one feature that outperforms the competition: its maximum capacity is in fact 140 kg, a share that very few other models on the market manage to touch. It has a 350W motor and 10 “full wheels, so they are a little stiffer than those with an inner tube or tubeless but they cannot puncture in any way.

Has a electric brake at the front and a mechanical one at the rear for greater safety, however, it does not have a speed limiter and cruise control (but it is not a drama in our opinion …). It is not a fury of power, in fact it reaches 20 km / h and has an autonomy of 20 km, if you need a solid model capable of carrying up to 140 kg, however, you do not have many other choices. Currently this model is found in electronics chains around 370 euros.

Nilox Doc Urban

Let’s go back to talking about Nilox with the Urban Doc, a no-frills model that goes straight to the essence: 25 km / h top speed, 25 km range, 280W engine and 100 kg maximum capacity. Its 7.5 Ah battery recharges in about 4 and a half hours and its wheels are 8 inches, it is therefore a bit more compact than the competition seen above.

It has front lights, rear lights, a nice mechanical brake, a display to show the running info, solid tires that are impossible to puncture and it is also slightly amortized. The characteristic of this model resides in the handlebar adjustable in height, a detail that could make many happy. At the moment it is found in the electronics chains around 380 euros.

We quickly remind you that being able to access the 2020 Mobility Bonus you have a refund (or a direct cash discount during Phase 2 of the operation) of the 60% of the price spenttherefore you can have all the models listed above for less than 240 euros. Click on the link below to read the official rules of the 2020 Mobility Bonus and find out if you can claim it until December 31st.

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