5 absurd things you never imagined you could do with the iPhone


Our smartphones have more and more features, which is why we often don’t know them all. Of course, some do not serve us, but it is also true that many others would serve us but we do not use them only because we do not know that they are present on our phone. And this happens especially with iPhones, which are often used for their simpler functions, but are capable of very curious features.

Here are some of these functions, most of you, we are sure, did not know them and did not know they had them constantly available in all these months.

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An example? Our iPhone always knows where our car is parked. To find out, while we are walking in the city, where our car is parked, just start the maps and at the bottom we will notice a blue dot with the words “parked car”.

And the spirit level? We all know that the spirit level is a very useful tool, especially for housework, for hanging pictures and assembling furniture … but the spirit level, on our iPhone, where is it? Simple: let’s go to the “compass” application and swipe to our left. Here it is, the hidden spirit level.

this illustration picture shows google map application displaying new transit alerts to be affected by covid 19 restrictions on a smartphone in arlington, virginia on june 9, 2020 a new version of googles mapping service being rolled out will display pandemic related transit alerts and let people know when buses or trains might be crowded updated versions of the free app for smartphones powered by apple or google backed android software will also let drivers know about covid 19 checkpoints or restrictions on their routes were introducing features to help you easily find important information if you need to venture out, whether its by car or public transportation, google maps product management director ramesh nagarajan said in a blog post detailing updates photo by olivier douliery afp photo by olivier doulieryafp via getty images


But of applications that our iPhone offers us for free and of which we are not aware there are also many others: how to save the web pages we visit in pdf. It can always come in handy, right? Before going to the beach or to places where there is no coverage we can save articles, news and other things to read comfortably in pdf. But how do you do it?

We open Safari, we open the button for sharing (the one with a box and an arrow), then we scroll to the left between the icons until we find “Create pdf”. Now we will click on the icon located on the upper side and we will be able to add our annotations, another very convenient feature. At this point we can simply save by clicking on the word “Save”.

And here’s the latest trick: drawing or signing on emails. It can only be done if you have iOS 11 and it is a perfect way to give our email communications some color. To do this, simply hold the fingertip down for a few seconds until the menu opens to add content. Now, in the list, we will see “Insert drawing”: there are pencils, pens and highlighters, all at our disposal.

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