400 thousand euro online trading scam, two suspects – Chronicle


They convinced him to invest in crypto currencies by promising him easy and substantial earnings, they had almost 400 thousand euros sent and when the victim tried to get back part of the amount invested, they began to threaten him. Only the report of the defrauded to the postal police made it possible to recover at least part of the sum. The international investigation conducted by the Cagliari Postal Police Department on the Financial Cyber ​​Crime and on the scams related to online trading ended with two complaints and the recovery of over € 200 thousand. Accused of fraud, unlawful financial activities, money laundering and extortion two women of Ukrainian and Armenian nationalities, administrators of intestatarie companies of foreign bank accounts in which 380 thousand euro of the victim are over, a former trader Cagliari. The investigations, which lasted over a year, started in 2018 following the victim’s report. The man had been contacted by so-called financial advisors, promising major gains, they had managed to convince him to carry out major investments on a false online trading platform, buying crypto currency. Within a few months the Cagliari sent, through bank transfers, on accounts in the Czech Republic as many as 380 thousand euros and when he attempted to take them back, the scammers first lost time, then threatened him. The victim turned to the Cagliari Postal Police Department which, with the coordination of the Postal and Communications Police Service, launched the international investigation concluded in these days.

The criminal group also wanted to convince the victim to pay other sums of money to unlock the 380 thousand euros that he had already invested in crypto currencies. When the victim turned to the Cagliari Postal Police Department, the investigation that lasted over a year started with the collaboration of the Postal and Communications Police Service. The international coordination of the Postal and Communications Police Service allowed, through the cooperation of Europol where the J-CAT (Joint Cybercrime Action Taskforce) working group was activated, to interest the Czech police who ascertained how the money had been transferred on two other bank current accounts on which it was possible to find the total sum of approximately 226 thousand euros which was blocked. In the meantime, the Prosecutor of the Republic of Cagliari has sent a European Investigation order directed to the judicial authority of the Czech Republic to acquire evidence abroad to be used for the investigations, which allowed to identify and report two women and to obtain the preventive seizure of money.


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