3 June, regional borders reopened: traffic on ring roads, queues at boarding for Sicily, termoscanner at airports and stations



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long queues when boarding the ferry to Messina, crowd tidy at the station Central in Milan, attention intensified in the airports. It is the first day of free movement between regions and the reopening of national borders without the need for quarantine for citizens of Schengen countries. No particular problems are reported for now, but this morning hundreds of cars were awaiting boarding for Villa San Giovanni from Messina. No queues at the station instead Milan.


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Who leaves is subjected to temperature control with termoscanner. The procedures are more streamlined also because there is no longer an obligation to self-certification to motivate the trip, while the speakers continue to recommend compliance distance and other security rules. “Relying on the advice of those with skills, it was decided, together, government and regions, to try to reopen the country – says the president of the Conference of Regions Stefano Bonaccini – We must however remind everyone that we must keep the distancing, the use of the mask and continue to have caution, because the risk share is lower, but there is “.

To France
On the first day of opening of borders to Italy, mileage queues to Ventimiglia for Italian citizens heading to France, due to the meticulous checks on the self-certification at the crossing of San Ludovico bridge. Discomforts for hundreds of border directed to work especially in the Principality of Monaco. Clogging had already been reported yesterday Aurelia, at the height of the last tunnel, before border. The Italians contest the delays, of at least an hour, for those who must go to France to work while – they say – i French can enter Italy, especially to buy spirits and cigarettes. France will reopen its borders with Italy on June 15.

Rome Fiumicino
TO Fiumicino are in operation 80 thermoscanners of the latest generation (also in portable version) for the body temperature checks of passengers and airport staff, in anticipation of the progressive increase in the flow of travelers. Today, after the first flight that took off for Santo Domingo at 6.10, a hundred departures and arrivals are expected, of which about sixty on national routes. Of these in turn about twenty, altogether, to and from northern Italy. The flow of passengers at Terminal 3 is clearer than in the previous period, with Adr’s staff and police busy keeping their distance. These are “significant” days for air traffic at the Roman airport which, after the resumption of flights Air France-Klm and restoring the Alitalia flight to New York, will always see with Alitalia, between today and tomorrow, also the restoration of flights with the Spain and the resumption of flights in territorial continuity Rome-Alghero and Rome-Olbia. Assistance services and to isolate any positive suspects are therefore also enhanced at the Roman airport. “From today you can enter Italy from anywhere, but with controls – says the Undersecretary for Health Sandra Zampa to Radio Me too, on Radio1 – There are currently negotiations concerning the airports. We didn’t go back to the times before Covid. There are no flights from China yet, but there are a few European flights. All with great controls, and screening on departure and arrival. ”

With the opening of displacements between regions, a Milan there were no crowding problems on the bus and metro. There was only a few closings of the turnstiles in the early morning, to get travelers to the subway stations in Sixth, Bisceglie is Porta Genova. Instead, the are back queues for intense traffic on tangential, in particular on the connection between theAutostrada del Sole and the tangential west, on the ring road west and on that north.

The procedures for accessing trains to the Central Station: no queues at the entrances. Those who leave are subjected to temperature control with termoscanner. “I come home after three months. I was looking forward to it, “says one girl waiting for the train to Reggio Calabria at 9.10. The procedures are more streamlined also because there is no longer an obligation to self-certification to motivate the trip, while the speakers continue to recommend compliance with the distance and other rules of safety.

“It was time! It is an exciting moment: let’s go back to our country. ” To say it toHandle is a passenger bound for Messina, from the railway station of Turin Porta Nuova. At track 16 the Red Arrow for Reggio Calabria and on the first day of the resumption of interregional travel, the trepidation of travelers is evident. “It was a very bad month away from the family and now I’m happy to be able to leave,” says a passenger. The Frecciarossa 500 Turin-Reggio is a new connection and there is no shortage of observers who “wanted it a health emergency to see one. ” “I’m going to accompany my sister who was also blocked here by the coronavirus – says another woman – She had come to Piedmont from Calabria, because over there they could not diagnose her illness: healthcare is not working as it should. In Turin, thanks to the doctors of the hospital Mauritian, everything went well, but it is not conceivable that people from the south have to go to the north to be treated in a certain way. Just as it is not conceivable that for a Frecciarossa a Lamezia Terme, it took a health emergency. ” The flow of travelers to Porta Nuova has been ordered. The Turin-Naples train in the morning started with 90 passengers on board. Based on the reservations made, it is likely that the number will increase along the way.

The reopening at circulation between regions provoked this morning long auto file a Messina near the port, for boarding. Tails in front of jetties of the Carone & Tourist company already for the first race at 4.40 and for the next one at 7.20. The greatest flow of passengers on the Strict, also arriving from Calabria, is related to the new ordinance of the Region, which has anticipated alignment with the provisions of the decree, abolishing the self-certification and the quarantine obligation for those who reach Sicily from other regions. They remain, even in the last regional ordinance, the provisions for citizens found positive at Covid-19 who have an obligation to communicate their health conditions to the family doctor and to the competent Asp prevention department. Who will arrive in Sicily you can also download the app ‘Safe Sicily and optionally enter the data personal on your state of health, on the displacements and possible cases of Covid-19 in the family. In case of fever, one will suffice communication and Asp health workers will intervene on the territory.

For those arriving in Sardinia the registration required, and not voluntary, with a questionnaire that also tracks any movements interior. It must be completed online on the Region before departure, or through the app “Sardinia Safety”For tracking contacts on a voluntary basis. This was predicted by an order signed late at night by the governor Christian Solinas after the controversy of recent days on the “health passport”. A copy of the receipt of the registration must be attached to the boarding pass and identity document. Before shipping, the airlines and shipping companies will check whether the passenger have the receipt. For the first few days, however, those who have already requested and obtained authorization expected from previous ordinances, “This is equivalent to registration“. Furthermore “on the days of 3 and 4 June, passengers embarked on ships in line from / to the Sardiniaalready authorized are authorized to departure or landing “.

In line with the provisions of the Minister of Transport Paola De Micheli, from today the air connections in territorial continuity between the Sardinian airports of Alghero, Cagliari is Olbia and the national hubs of Fiumicino is Milan. In the order signed by the President of Sardinia Christian Solinas it is reiterated that air connections with all other national airports will be restored from 13 June and international flights from 25, “subject to verification of the trend of the epidemiological curve”. From the same day, go-ahead also at international sea routes.

The president of the Puglia region Michele Emiliano last night he issued one order, effective from today, which provides for the obligation to reporting for the entry of natural persons into Puglia. With effect from June 3, 2020, all the people you move, move or enter Puglia, from other regions or from abroad, by means of transport public or private must report the move, transfer or entry through compilation the self-reporting model available on the institutional website of the Puglia Region; declare the place of origin and the municipality in which stay; keep the list of for thirty days places visited and people met during the stay. “In a spirit of collaboration – writes the president in the ordinance – it is highly recommended to download the app immune“. The applicability of the reporting obligation in cases of “movements for work needs, for health reasons, for reasons of absolute urgency, as well as the transit and transport of goods and the entire production chain from and to the Puglia“. Penalties are foreseen for failure to comply with obligations required by the ordinance.

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