259 new cases (156 in Lombardy). 30 the dead


AGI – There are 259 new positive cases of coronavirus registered today in Italy, the deaths are 30.

Lombardy has 156 new cases. The total number of positives in Italy is 17,638, that of the deceased is equal to 34,708, the number of healed has risen to 187,615 (with an increase of 890), the number of hospitalized patients with symptoms is equal to 1,386 (-129 on yesterday ), that of ICU patients is 105 (+2 on yesterday), that of people in home isolation 16.177 (-508 on yesterday).

The regions with 0 cases are today Basilicata, Valle d’Aosta, Sardinia, the autonomous province of Bolzano and Sicily.

Screening in Bergamasco, 40% infected with Covid 19

Meanwhile, the screening in San Giovanni Bianco (Bergamo) has ended and almost 40% of the population has had Covid 19. The sample examined was 1700 citizens (out of a total population of about 4700), who underwent serological testing first and then to the swab.

Of these, 38.8% tested positive for the serological test, equal to 660 people. The average age of those who underwent the test is 51 years and in the sample the population is represented fairly homogeneously.

About 70% of the positives said they had para-flu symptoms similar to those caused by coronavirus.

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