21 year old stroke victim while training: “He was in great shape”


A 21-year-old Australian is struggling between life and death after suffering a stroke while doing push-ups to keep fit.

A 21-year-old man in perfect health and fitness was paralyzed and unable to speak after suffering a sudden stroke while doing pushups. Samuel O’Sullivan, a young man with a dream of becoming a police officer, was rushed to ICU. While fighting between life and death, his family from Melbourne, Australia is looking for help.

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The stroke that turned Samuel’s life upside down

It happened on May 27, a week before Samuel’s 21st birthday. The young man began to experience excruciating pain in his head, screaming in pain. His father Brenden was forced to do CPR, as his condition quickly deteriorated.

Samuel needed emergency brain surgery to contain a bleeding, and his family was immediately told that he might not have survived. It later emerged that he suffered from an arteriovenous malformation, and from birth.

Dad Brenden launched an appeal on GoFundMe: “They performed high-risk brain surgery to remove AVM. Now Samuel communicates by shaking the hand of a family member. During both operations we were informed of the risk that he could not do it. ” The boy was in intensive care for three weeks before he could breathe alone again.

Now Samuel is entrusted to the care of a neurology department, and remains paralyzed: as mentioned, he must shake the hand of a family member to say “yes” or “no”. His loved ones are desperately trying to collect a few tens of thousands of mistakes to pay for rehabilitation costs. “Sam has a talent for making people smile and is compassionate, has a lot of empathy for others and is a respectful young man – his father wrote -. Like everyone else, he dreamed of buying a nice house. For his age, he was a very square boy with very specific ideas about his future. Now he is struggling to survive and remains an example for all of us, but he needs help to face this journey “.


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