2020 TV bonus, more than 100 million still available: how to request it


In a year, the digital terrestrial signal it will change: the most obsolete devices will no longer be able to receive it and therefore will not be able to correctly transmit the TV channels. In short, it will no longer be possible to watch TV. To facilitate the transition from an old to a new television set, the Ministry of Economic Development has made available the Bonus TV.

It is a contribution for the purchase of a new decoder or TV. The goal is to guarantee all citizens access to the new digital terrestrial signal. Although many families have already responded positively to this opportunity, the health crisis has partially curbed purchases. I am still more than 100 million euros available for those who want to take advantage of the facility to purchase a new device. Here how to get the TV bonus.

Covid TV bonus from Covid-19

So far more than 96 thousand Italian families have used the TV bonus for the purchase of a TV or a new decoder. These cores prepared in time for the change of digital terrestrial. In fact, the digital terrestrial TV channels will be broadcast only in high definition starting from September 2021, while from June 2022 they will be able to watch with the new Dvb-T2 format, inaccessible in old TVs.

Of course, many beneficiaries who still have not applied for are still missing from the appeal. In fact, only 4.877 million of the fund has been used and more than remains unused 100 million. The bonus is aimed at low-income families and allows you to take advantage of a contribution up to 50 euros. The amount of the concession depends on the expense: the more you spend, the higher the contribution.

The rush to buy has certainly been held back by Coronavirus: people preferred to invest their savings in other goods or the shop or mall was closed or unable to meet requests. In this situation, around 20 thousand grants were awarded between March and April, but fortunately the demand for bonuses has already increased since May.

Probably the need to buy a device is also linked to the growth of applications such as Netflix that need a smart-TV. Currently most of the requests concern the purchase of TV (83,891 thousand in total) in second place instead the decoders are classified (11,448 thousand) and in third the decoder for the satellite (863). But there is still a long way to go: using the TV Bonus is really easy.

How to get the TV Bonus 2020 and 2021

The facility is reserved for families who have a ISEE up to 20,000 euros. If you fall into this category, just contact the retailer and hand over your identity card, tax code and module TV bonus available on the MISE website. It is a’self-certification therefore it is not necessary to bring the ISEE document to the store, but only be sure not to exceed the required threshold because for any subsequent checks it will be essential to prove that you have the required income. In addition, it is essential to choose the right appliance, which is one of those admitted to the contribution.

If the procedure is very simple for the customer, this is also very simple for the customer dealer. In fact, the amount will be returned in compensation in the form of tax credit. To this end, retailers must register on the appropriate Revenue Agency platform and request the return of the amount with the tax return.

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