2020 high school exams | First day in safety | Coronavirus


Exams for high school students are underway. The institutes worked to ensure the safe conduct of the oral interview by students and commissions. Each student will have an hour to present their work and answer questions from the commissioners.

“We used laboratories, gyms and large spaces to set up the classrooms where the exams will be taken,” says Sergio Boero of the Colombatto Institute, “Queso to have the maximum possible spacing, even beyond the two meters indicated by the protocol”.

“There has been everyone’s commitment. The Piedmontese school and administrations have responded fully. Anyone has given their willingness to guarantee the children to take the state exam in safety and in presence. We must thank everyone and the children have realized that there was a commitment to give them an important moment in life “, explains Tecla Riverso, school administrator.

Excitement from the kids: “It was hard to prepare for this exam. Let’s hope it goes well. 2020 is difficult to forget. I have brought the relationship between the world of fast food and sustainability as a relationship”, explains Mattia who, however, if looks to the future admits that, “This coronavirus has displaced me. I who thought this was one of those jobs that never died … the virus has managed to break down my dreams. Since I was a child I thought that catering could not die instead the virus was enough to stop us all “.

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