2020 Baccalaureate, application for commissioning


Maturity 2020: some fibrillation on what the scenario of June 15, the day the commissions will take place, will undoubtedly be there.

Between last-minute indispositions and fragile workers exempted from participation in the presence, some mistakes of the first hour could occur.

If, on the one hand, the School Offices have published the lists from which the Presidents in charge of presiding the commissions will be identified in the next few days, on the other hand, we are still looking for names to have available for replacements.

The commissions formed only by teachers inside the class, the health emergency, the failure to provide a salary, created a situation on the edge.

Thus, the regional school office in Sicily is equipped with applications for making available.

the models

Palermo – Ragusa – Caltanissetta – Agrigento – Messina –

Other questions

Vicenza – Turin –

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