18 new positives, including 13 asymptomatic from regional screening. The healed rise to 21,605 (+138), 77% of those infected since the beginning of the crisis – Emilia-Romagna Region


Since the beginning of the Coronavirus epidemic, in Emilia-Romagna there have been 27,946 cases of positivity, 18 more than yesterday, of which 13 asymptomatic people identified through the regional screening activity.

THE swabs carried out are 6,523, which thus reach a total of 367,485, plus others 2,146 serological tests.

The new healings I’m 138, for a total of 21,605: over 77% on the total number of infections since the beginning of the epidemic. Active cases continue to decline, namely the number of actual sick, which I am today 2,156 (-126 compared to yesterday).

These are the figures – ascertained at 12 noon today on the basis of institutional requests – relating to the trend of the epidemic in the region.

The people in solitary confinement at homethat is, those with mild symptoms, which do not require hospital treatment, or are symptom-free, are overall 1,899 (88% of those sick) -113 compared to yesterday. There are 31 ICU patients (the same figure as yesterday). Those hospitalized in the other Covid wards decreased to 226 (-13).

The overall healed people therefore rose to 21,605 (+138): 543 “clinically healed”, that is, they became asymptomatic after presenting clinical manifestations associated with the infection, and 21,062 those declared healed in all respects because they were negative in two consecutive tests.

Unfortunately, they register 6 new deaths: two men and four women. Overall, deaths in Emilia-Romagna reached 4,185. As regards the province of residence, 1 death occurred in that of Piacenza, 4 in that of Bologna (none in Imola), 1 in that of Ferrara. No deaths in the provinces of Parma, Reggio Emilia, Modena, Ravenna, Forlì-Cesena, Rimini, and from outside the region.

These i new cases of positivity on the territory, which instead refer not to the province of residence, but to that in which the diagnosis was made: 4,507 a Piacenza (+1), 3,572 a Parma (+5), 4,965 a Reggio Emilia (+3), 3,927 y Modena (no new cases), 4,655 a Bologna (+3); 399 a Imola (+1); 1,000 y Ferrara (+1). The cases of positivity in Romagna there are 4,921 (+4), of which 1,031 a Ravenna (+1), 945 a Forlì (no new cases), 781 a Cesena (no new cases) and 2,164 a Rimini (+3).

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