1000 INPS bonus, non-refundable contribution and refund: the point to date


We have reiterated several times during the last articles that the bonus 1000 euro INPS and the Non-refundable contribution They are NOT cumulative is NOT they belong to the same categories of subjects. The beneficiaries of the former are essentially those who have been excluded from the Relaunch Decree, as traders and craftsmen who will not be able to opt for the 1000 euro INPS bonus and also agricultural entrepreneurs. Many, however, have written to us telling us that they have applied for the non-refundable contribution and having noticed just now of not be entitled to it, it is still possible for them to repent, waive the application, as we had already explained in the previous article to which we refer you, or in the case had already obtained the money from the Revenue Agency i are now available tribute codes to return the undue perception. The point to date and the latest specifications.

Non-refundable contribution, who can access it without fear of making a mistake?

It was precisely the DL Relaunch that established with art. 25 the non-repayable contribution due to subjects carrying out business activities, self-employment and agricultural income who are holders of VAT number under the conditions specified by the article itself, specifically this includes the subjects identified by paragraphs 1, 2 and 3 of article 25 of Legislative Decree 34/2020, i.e. the VAT holders in place on March 31, 2020

  • with revenues or fees not exceeding 5 million euros in 2019;
  • that they can prove one 33% reduction in turnover between April 2020 and April 2019;
  • Those who started the business from January 1, 2019 are not required to demonstrate the reduction in turnover o have their tax domicile or operational headquarters in the territory of the Municipalities where the state of emergency due to calamitous events was in force when the state of health emergency was declared (i.e. January 31, 2020). These subjects are entitled to the non-refundable contribution but to the extent of the minimum contribution.

Here is who is NOT entitled to it and if he has perceived the fund he must return it

They had no right to it:

  • public bodies;
  • financial intermediaries;
  • financial and non-financial holding companies;
  • VAT numbers that are entitled to the bonus provided by the Cura Italia decree and therefore will receive either the 600 euro for May or the 1000 euro INPS bonus through a specific application;
  • beneficiaries of last resort income;
  • professionals registered in the Orders, still awaiting the inter-ministerial decree specifying requirements and methods

All those who had noticed they had incorrectly filled in the application had the opportunity to call her back, before the controls of the Revenue Agency and before the granting of the fund, it is now possible also for those who already have unduly obtained the repentance amount spontaneously, before the tax authorities request the undue with a fine and criminal procedure. With Resolution no. 37 / E of June 26, 2020, the Revenue Agency established the tax codes for the spontaneous return of the non-refundable contribution not due referred to in article 25 of the decree-law of 19 May 2020, n. 34 (“Relaunch” Decree).

Contribution lost fund: the codes to make it back

To make the sums received unduly spontaneously, the Revenue Agency has made known the tax codes that must be entered within the “model F24 Payments with identification elements “. These are the following 3 tribute codes to be inserted in the F24 ELIDE model, note them in case you need to return:

  • “8077” called “Non-refundable contribution – Spontaneous return – CAPITAL – art. 25 decree-law 19 May 2020, n. 34 “;
  • 8078 “ called “Non-refundable contribution – Spontaneous return – INTERESTS – art. 25 decree-law 19 May 2020, n. 34 “;
  • 8079“Called” Non-refundable contribution – Spontaneous return – SANCTION – art. 25 decree-law 19 May 2020, n. 34 “.

Bonus May 1000 euro INPS: calculate the drop in turnover

On the bonus May 1000 euro Inps we have written a great deal, in our previous articles to which we refer you in order not to go further, in a nutshell to access them by law those who have been included in the Cura Italia decree, then referred to in the Relaunch decree. These are not given a way to access the lost fund, and we reiterate, given the numerous questions in this regard, that It is NOT possible to ask for bothi for the reasons mentioned above. The payments, another matter dear to many, given the numerous comments released on the site, they will not arrive with good probability before late July, as the procedure for asking the questions is recently active. -1000

Bonus 1000 euro professionals private funds: where are we?

Another fate for professionals enrolled in orders which unfortunately have not even understood yet if they will have to fare application or if the benefit will be paid automatically, given that from the beginning, unlike the members of the separate management of INPS, the income limit above which they have already had to demonstrate a 33% drop had already been set. They therefore await the interministerial decree that clarifies how to move and what requirements to meet, it is therefore hoped that the Government will provide, they say in unison tired of waiting, as soon as possible to fill this gap, that discriminates against professionals registered in private coffers despite being hit hard by Covid 19.

This is the point updated to 30 June, in case of further news we will update you as usual. We also anticipate that we have asked many of your questions to a social security expert, formerly president of patronage, who in the coming days has made himself available to answer the individual questions you have left us on the site, so continue to follow us in order to get a picture business suit on the 1000 euro INPS bonus and on the non-refundable contribution.

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