100 Euro discount on a Momo Design electric scooter


Even today, Unieuro offers one new offer on an Momo Design electric scooter, which can be purchased for less than 200 Euros thanks to a very interesting promotion, which allows you to save 33% compared to the list price.

The scooter in question is the Momo Design Monaco 80, and is available at 199 Euros, 100 Euros less than the 299 Euros in the price list, precisely for considerable savings.

On a technical level, it is able to achieve one maximum speed of 20 kilometers per hour and with a single charge cycle it can at most cover a distance of 10 kilometers. It is also able to support a maximum load of 100 kilograms. A very interesting aspect is represented by the fact that it is easily foldable easily. There is also a LCD display that provides all the necessary information and important, including the remaining charge, speed, revolutions per minute and time of use. The scooter also includes a front shock absorber which absorbs the roughness of the road and ensures a more comfortable ride.

We remind you that on scooters and bikes it is possible to request the 2020 mobility bonus, but for all information we refer you to our dedicated news also containing the request procedure and requirements

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