Zuckerberg wants social shopping for 3 billion users


Zuckerberg wants social shopping for 3 billion users

Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook accelerate on social shopping. Yesterday, during a live streaming, the CEO Mark Zuckerberg presented ‘Shops’, an updated and enhanced version compared to the current possibility of making purchases through the famous social network. The new feature will allow retailers to update the catalog of their products through their Facebook and Instagram profiles from this summer. Users will thus be able to shop within this section. For the moment, the Shops function will be active within the app only in the United States of America.

Zuckerberg also anticipated that ‘Shops’ could also include all the other platforms of the Facebook family, namely Messenger and WhatsApp, thus giving brands the possibility of reaching the record number of 3 billion users. The tool would seem designed especially for small companies that also represent a large part of Facebook advertisers. Shops, reports Bloomberg, could lead to an increase in advertising budgets by companies or to the allocation of a percentage of the products sold reserved for Facebook or Instagram.

Shops should learn from the mistakes made in the past by the online giant, making it easier for companies to insert their products into the tool. Although the social network has grown in terms of visibility for companies, it has never really managed to be an important player for online shopping and, above all, to be the final destination of purchases and not a simple showcase.

The creation of a Facebook Shop is easy and free so any entrepreneur, regardless of the size of his company or budget, can bring his business online and connect with customers. It will be possible to come across shops within a company’s Facebook or Instagram profiles, advertisements and Instagram Stories. In the Shops it will also be possible to use a customer service using WhatsApp, Messenger or Instagram Direct to obtain the necessary assistance.

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