Zola: “Some Chelsea players were bored with Sarri”


LONDON (England) – The adventure of Maurizio Sarri to the Chelsea it has not been downhill. As stated by Gianfranco Zola to Bein Sports, the current manager of the Juventus had to face the discontent of some players: “There were talented players, like Hazard or Willian, guys who knew how to win games alone, who suffered from the type of exercises and workouts we did, but were necessary for others. ” The ex-coach of the Tuscan explained how they did not like the repetitiveness of the workouts: “At the beginning they were very good, with the passing of the weeks though, due to the continuous repetitions of the exercises and the matches, they started to get tired and bored“. The work, in the end, proved the technician right: “Sono very good, because they were bored but continued to work all the time. That was the reason why in the season finale while the others went down we didn’t stop growing“.

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