Zingaretti: “The candidacy of Virginia Raggi? For the Romans this is not news, but a threat”


“The candidacy of Virginia Raggi? For the Romans this is not news, but a threat. ” So Nicola Zingaretti dryly closes the door to any kind of alliance or support for the grill in view of the next elections in the capital. This is what Il Messaggero reports.

Yesterday reading on the news agencies yet another (allusive) statement from the mayor about an encore in the Capitol, the secretary of the Democratic Party did not hold back. And to his collaborators he entrusted this joke that leaves no room for interpretation.

Zingaretti would thus close to all those who want him ally of the Grillina mayor and to want to aim for a pact of desistance with Raggi:

“But please, it does not exist” explain from the Democratic Party. “We will have our candidate to revive Rome after years of failure”, is the reasoning of the top dem.

On Corriere, we then read of the revolution that the M5s have brought about in the refund method. Farewell to the receipts, a lump sum refund is underway.

Thursday with an e-mail the political head regent Vito Crimi gave the green light to a new form of refund regime: a “flat rate” that provides for different items and charges, but which allows not to report anything. The current method provides for a minimum monthly amount of two thousand euros, plus a share of one thousand euros for events, three hundred for Rousseau’s expenses and the return of “all that is not spent, in addition to the allowance and the flat-rate allowance”. This entry does not appear in the new system and the event quota is incorporated into an all-inclusive flat rate. The only difference: check the item to support the 5 Star Italy event, 250 euros per month to be paid in a single annual solution. They are 3,300 euros per month against 3,550 but without receipts, in fact.

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