Zero dead Lombardia, perhaps missing data – Last Hour


(ANSA) – MILAN, MAY 24 – The news would be extraordinary:
no death was reported for Covid today in Lombardy
for the first time since the outbreak in February. There
Region explains that “the flows from the hospital network
and the territorial registries today did not report deaths ”
such a positive figure could also be caused by the
failure to transmit data from the hospital network and from
municipal registry offices.

It has already happened, on the occasion of holidays or end
weeks of the past few months, that the data was not entirely
updated and missing ones were added on the day
after. To make sure it is such a decisive one
trend reversal in the most dismal and slowest data a
decrease of the epidemic in Lombardy (yesterday they registered
+56 deaths), you must therefore wait, for safety, for the data of
tomorrow Monday 25 May.


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